How To Unlike A Page On Facebook | How To Unlike A Facebook Page

Watch this video and learn how to unlike a facebook page. NOTE this video was made in November 2011 and things may have changed since the making of this video (Facebook loves to make changes you know).

How to unlike a page is very simple go to the page you would like to unlike and scroll down to the bottom and on the left click the unlike button. You will know you have unliked the page when the LIKE button appears again.

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Below is what I said word for word in the video above

How To Unlike A Facebook PageHi there! Aaron Decker here from Today well I’m going to simply show you is how to unlike a page on Facebook. I just liked Katie Freiling on Facebook. All you simply do is scroll down to the bottom here to the left. Right here, it says unlike. You just simply click the unlike button. That’s it. All you do is click the unlike button and now here is the like button to like your page again. That’s all you have to do. I hope you enjoyed this video. You got benefit from it. If you did, like my video on YouTube and also like my Facebook page at And you can click the link right below the description. Go there directly. I do have many other Facebook trainings. Here you see them all. There will be more added to there as well. Ton of great value when it comes to Facebook in the training. Do check on my channel and subscribe to my channel. Also add me as a friend there on YouTube as well. Again, like my video. Share with your friends, family, anyone looking how to unlike a page on facebook. Alright, again, my name is Aaron Decker and I hope you have a great day.

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