How To Sign Up For Facebook | Facebook Sign Up

Watch this video and learn how to sign up for facebook. Note this video was made in October 2011 and might not be the way to sign up for a facebook account in the future, as Facebook likes to changes things often.

First things first, go to Then simply fill out the information Facebook is asking for First & Last name, email, password, Male or female, & Date of birth. Then click Sign Up

Now you will see the screen that says Step 1 Find Friends, Then step 2 profile information, & then step 3 profile picture

Sign Up For FacebookNext step is to go into your email and complete the sign up process. That is it, after you do this step you have completed the process for signing up for Facebook.

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Below is word for word what I said in the video above

How To Sign Up For Facebook In 2011  Sign Up On Facebook Account

Hi there! Aaron Decker here from And once you sign up for Facebook and I’ll show you how to do that. Just simply come to this page, You’ll see a little like button.
You can click there and like my page. Let’s go ahead and show you how to sign up for Facebook. What are you going to do is simply go to Now when you get there, over here to the right as I make this video on October of 2011 this is how you sign up for Facebook. Things might change in the future but this is how you do it currently.
Right under here you’ll see sign up now. Obviously I’ve already filled up my information.

First name
Last name
Reenter your email
Your password
If you are male or female
And then simply click sign up.
Now it’s just going to ask for security code.
You just going type in that just to make sure you’re human, you’re not some program creating profile. So again, click sign up. Okay, so now we’ve got past that step.

Now step 1; find friends.
I’m assuming most of your friends already have Facebook but if they don’t you can type in your hotmail address or your gmail, yahoo or other email services. We are going to go and just skip that step.
Okay, so now you’re just simply going to fill out your profile information, high school, college, employer. And again, I’m just going to skip that but understand that’s what you would put there. For the speed of the video I’m just going to go ahead and skip that.  For step 3; obviously you’re going to select a profile picture. You can upload a picture or again you can just go ahead and skip that. You can take if you have a webcam, you can take a picture right with that right now or just upload a picture from your computer. I’m going to go ahead and skip that.

Now it’s saying go to my email to complete the sign up process. Now you’re going to go into your email service and find that email. Here it is, welcome to Facebook. Just one more step to getting started with Facebook. Go and click on that. So here it says, to complete the sign up process, please follow this link. Go ahead and click that link. And whoala!  It says you have successfully confirmed your account. Here is my profile or actually this is just the welcome screen. But that is how you sign up for Facebook. That is how you sign up an account for Facebook. If you enjoyed this video do give me a thumbs-up.

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