How To Make A Fan Page On Facebook | How To Make A Facebook Fan Page

First you will want to go to

Once you are there then select what category you want to have a page for. After this step it is very simply to fill out the information needed for your page.

Remember I created a cause or community page so when you are going through creating your page it might look different than mine.

How To Make A Facebook PageNOTE after you get 25 fans you can then grab a unique Facebook link. Instead of having this for a link you can have Here is a video to show you how to do this, if you don’t want to watch the video you can grab a unique link at

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below is word for word what I said in the video

Hi there! Aaron Decker here from I want to welcome you to this video. Today I’m going to show you how to create a Facebook page just like mine here. What you want to do is simply go to this website You can check it out in the description and click the link and go there directly instead of typing that all out or what you may be.

When you get there you’re going to get to this page create a page. Maybe if you are not there, you didn’t spell it in, type it incorrectly or whatever. Like I said you can click the link below in the description. What I’m going to do is show you step by step because I’m actually going to be creating a page as well right in front of you. Mine is for—I coach Bellevue Redmen football here in Bellevue, Ohio. I’m going to create a Bellevue Redmen football page; past, present, and future. I just get the idea and thought I’d put it together. I’m going to choose community.

Now for whatever your page may be just pick the category that it falls into. So I put Bellevue Redmen Football. Click here to get started. Now they want you to upload an image. You can do that now or you can just click the skip button for now. I’m going to go ahead and upload one. Click continue. Here you can just like it says, invite friends, import contacts, but I’m going to go and skip that for now to keep the page rolling. And here this is for community or cause page. It may not be the same for the page that you’re creating.

Add some basic information so that people visit your page know more about it. So I just put there, I just put this page is for past, present and future Bellevue Redmen Football players. That’s it. I mean that’s as simple as it gets for creating a Facebook fan page. There are some other things that you can do. Like after you get 25 fans, see how many website are the page is all these numbers. After you get 25 fans, if you just simply go to This is where you can go and see right here if I add 25 fans I can pick that one and get a Facebook url. I will end up having instead of all of this. That is after 25 fans and I have a video showing you exactly how to do that. It’s about one and a half minute long. You can definitely check that out. Check out the link in the description or the video to the side.

That is basically it. Getting started here. Tell your fans. Post updates. Promote the page and so on and so forth. I hope you enjoy my video. If you did do give me a thumbs-up. Like my video. Also, head over to and like my personal fan page there as well. Again this is Aaron Decker from hoping you have a great day and that you enjoyed this video and you got benefit from it. Alright, take care.

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