How To Delete Facebook Page | Learn To Delete Facebook Page

Watch this video and learn how to delete a facebook page. NOTE this video was made in October 2011 and things may have changed since the making of this video (Facebook loves to make changes you know).

How To Delete A Facebook PageFirst things first you will need to go to the page you are wanting to delete and then click on edit page in the right hand corner.

Next you should be on the “Manage Permissions” tab and you will want to scroll down and click on “Permanently Delete “YOUR PAGE NAME” Then Facebook will ask you to confirm this decision and that’s it your page has been deleted.

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below is word for word what I said in the video above

Hi there! Aaron Decker here from What I’m going to show you in this short video is how to delete a Facebook page. Now, as I make this video and that’s October of 2011, This is how to delete a Facebook page. You know how Facebook likes to change. So the way you delete it might change in the future. So just giving you little heads up.

I created this Bellevue Redman Group. This is a test just to show you how to delete a page. If you are on the page, you’ve already created the page, all you’re going to do is click on edit page. This is under the Manage Permissions. You’re going to go down and simply right here, delete page. Permanent delete Bellevue Redman. You’re just going to click that. Now here it says deleting a page is permanent. Once you delete your page you will not be able to get it back. Are you sure you want to delete Bellevue Redman? Yes. So page is deleted.

Now it just takes me back to the pages that I currently manage. That is easy as it gets on how to delete a page. You can definitely check on my other trainings on Facebook. You can go to Again that’s And you could see all the videos I have here. I’ve got thousands and thousands of views on them. And I got a ton of great videos on my YouTube channel as well. If you like this video give me a thumbs-up. Like it, share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. And also like my YouTube channel. Add me as a friend. Subscribe to my channel. Alright! Again, my name is Aaron Decker from I’m hoping you have a great day.

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