How To Create Group On Facebook | How To Make A Group On Facebook

First you will want to go to

How To Create Group On FacebookOnce you are there simply click on create a group.

Once you click that you will then want to select a group name and you must add at least 1 person to the group before Facebook lets you create a group. The you will want to choose what kind of group you want. Open: meaning anyone can join. Closed: meaning anyone can try to join and only admins can approve or disapprove people trying to join. Private: meaning only the admin can invite people to join the group, also no one will be able to see this group besides members.

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Hi, Aaron Decker here from And today, I want to show you how to create group on Facebook. Let’s head on over to Facebook and all you’re gonna do is go to and then you’re gonna come to this page and just simply click on ‘create a group’.

Now, you can read through here, see the different things that you can do with groups and what not; so, just click here. Now, here you just kind of fill in group name; so, I’m actually gonna create a group for you today.

So, I’m gonna create a group called Bellevue Redmen Football Coach, the Bellevue Redmen Footaball team, the freshman team, I also help out with the varsity and the JV as well.

So, here you can just click out different icon, go and click on the football there and you know, here’s where you can add members if you like. I may go and leave that blank for now. And here’s the privacy you can click ‘close’ and you can see here. Anyone can see this group and who’s in it but only members can see the post or, you know, you can have it open – anyone can see it.

I’m gonna go and have it closed because I only want people that are Bellevue Redmen football players past, present or future or Bellevue Redmen football fans. Okay? So, click ‘create’. So, look when I click ‘create’ it said, you know, ‘please choose friends to add to the group’. So, you’re gonna going to have to add some people to the group. So, I and my wife and coach Tommy Mygrant and another coach, Zach Coe just to get the thing, get the group growing.

So, I’m gonna click ‘create now’ so there you go and then, you know, basically the group is created. I’ve got people in the group and now I can add a picture, you know add some documents to this and now you can chat as a group – pretty cool things; you can create event, all kinds of different things. So, that is how easy it is to create group on Facebook.

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All right, again my name is Aaron Decker from Hoping you have a great day!

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