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How To Create Group On Facebook | How To Make A Group On Facebook

First you will want to go to

How To Create Group On FacebookOnce you are there simply click on create a group.

Once you click that you will then want to select a group name and you must add at least 1 person to the group before Facebook lets you create a group. The you will want to choose what kind of group you want. Open: meaning anyone can join. Closed: meaning anyone can try to join and only admins can approve or disapprove people trying to join. Private: meaning only the admin can invite people to join the group, also no one will be able to see this group besides members.

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Hi, Aaron Decker here from And today, I want to show you how to create group on Facebook. Let’s head on over to Facebook and all you’re gonna do is go to and then you’re gonna come to this page and just simply click on ‘create a group’. Read More…

How To Delete Facebook Page | Learn To Delete Facebook Page

Watch this video and learn how to delete a facebook page. NOTE this video Read More…

How To Unlike A Page On Facebook | How To Unlike A Facebook Page

Watch this video and learn how to unlike a facebook page. Read More…

How To Make A Fan Page On Facebook | How To Make A Facebook Fan Page

First you will want to go to

Once you are there then select what category you want to have a page for. After this step it is very simply to fill out the information needed for your page.

Remember I created a cause or community page Read More…