How To Create Group On Facebook | How To Make A Group On Facebook

First you will want to go to

How To Create Group On FacebookOnce you are there simply click on create a group.

Once you click that you will then want to select a group name and you must add at least 1 person to the group before Facebook lets you create a group. The you will want to choose what kind of group you want. Open: meaning anyone can join. Closed: meaning anyone can try to join and only admins can approve or disapprove people trying to join. Private: meaning only the admin can invite people to join the group, also no one will be able to see this group besides members.

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Hi, Aaron Decker here from And today, I want to show you how to create group on Facebook. Let’s head on over to Facebook and all you’re gonna do is go to and then you’re gonna come to this page and just simply click on ‘create a group’. Read More…

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How To Make A Fan Page On Facebook | How To Make A Facebook Fan Page

First you will want to go to

Once you are there then select what category you want to have a page for. After this step it is very simply to fill out the information needed for your page.

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How To Delete A Facebook Group | Delete Facebook Group

One of the cooler features that Facebook has is the ability to set up a group where like-minded individuals can come and hang out. Many people start groups about their favorite band or as a shrine of sorts to a movie that they think is the greatest thing ever. Groups can very much take on a mind of their own, as it can start to go off topic very, very quickly, making it difficult to mediate and keep under control. That is one of the reasons that the person who started the group in the first place feels the need to just shut it down completely.

They will normally try to plead with the group to keep all the chatter on topic, so that the integrity of the group is maintained. These requests are usually shot down in very unsympathetic ways, leaving the group leader no choice but to wield the axe. As the administrator of the group, you have the power to go in and delete people as you see fit, although you do run the risk of then alienating everyone else in the group who believed that the person you gave the chop to was the coolest one in the bunch.

You also have the option of simply deleting yourself from the group, leaving someone else to look after it once you are gone. This is often the easiest way out, especially if you feel that the group has completely gone off track and isn’t what you expected it to be in the first place. There is also the chance that no matter how wonderful your group may be in principle, it just won’t be popular enough for anyone else to join. In a situation where a group has no members, Facebook does the humane thing and simply goes ahead and deletes it.

Then there is the scenario, which is actually probably the most common of all, that the group just runs out of steam completely and people stop posting. Perhaps the band that you all loved went ahead and broke up, or that awesome movie ended up being nothing more than another hunk of Hollywood drivel. In that case, you might just want to go ahead and delete the Facebook group completely. It’s not that difficult to do, but it can be a little laborious if you have enrolled thousands of members into the group.

What you need to do in this particular situation is go into the group and remove every single member, leaving yourself to the very end. Once you click the About tab at the top of the group page, you will see a complete list of all the members. All you then need to do is click the “X” beside their name to permanently remove them from the group. Your name will be the last one to go, and once you have clicked the “X” beside your own name the group will be permanently deleted.